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Bhaskara biotech manufactures Amrut aloe Vera leaf juice using an innovative technology, developed by us. Our own proprietary process which provides a superior aloe Vera juice. Our Amrut aloe Vera leaf juice contains higher levels of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are believed to be the most desirable constituents in the aloe Vera leaf.
By the process of extracting only the valuable inner gel from the aloe Vera leaf, it retains the mucilage, which contains more of the polysaccharides, and to retain ample amounts of the other useful components found in the aloe gel.

This precision ensures the removal of aloin and other unwanted substances. Amrut Aloe Vera Inner Leaf juices are the undiluted pure liquid from the leaves of aloe barbadensis miller, to which no more than 0.4% preservatives, shall have been added to the aloe product as part of the processing. These juices have been stabilized for both color and microorganisms with a new unique process developed by us.

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